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RIA "Novosti"

YABLOKO: SS Division Members Must Not Be Rehabilitated

March 22, 2002

MOSCOW, 22 March, 2002 /Correspondent RIA Novosti/--First deputy head of the right-wing Yabloko parliamentary faction Sergei Ivanenko announced on Friday that the faction believed that members of the SS Galichina division should not be rehabilitated.

In his opinion, the decision to rehabilitate soldiers in the SS division, taken by the town council of Ivano-Frankovska, (Ukraine) and place them on an equal footing with veterans of the Second World War "does not have any rational explanation." He said that equating those who freed Ukrainian soil from Nazism to those who served in the SS was "unacceptable."

Ivanenko stressed: "the crimes of fascism have no statute of limitations, and the danger that a criminal ideology could emerge on post-Soviet territory is very real." This kind of action, he said, could lead to protests in Russia and also in other countries, above all in Europe.

In this connection, he reminded journalists about the negative reaction in European countries and international organisations to the attempts made in the Baltics to rehabilitate Nazism.

In conclusion, Ivanenko said that Yabloko was calling on all Ukrainian politicians and parliamentarians to take immediate measures to annul the decision as it presents a threat to the future of Ukraine.

RIA "Novosti", March 22, 2002

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