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RIA Novosti

The Yabloko faction of the State Duma: we do need to pass a law against extremism

June 20, 2002

MOSCOW, June 20, 2002. /RIA Novosti correspondent Galina Filippova/-- The Yabloko faction in the State Duma believes it is necessary to pass a Law on Combating Extremism "in view of the outbreak of extremism and signs pointing to the formation of an extremist underground in Russia." Sergei Mitrokhin, a member of the Yabloko faction, told reporters before the beginning of the State Duma's plenary session on Thursday where the parliamentarians were planning to consider in the second reading the presidential draft Law against Extremism.

Mitrokhin said that "it is very important that the adoption of the new law will make it possible to fight not only individuals who profess extremist ideas and popularise them, but also against organisational structures of this kind." The Yabloko faction, said Mitrokhin, has proposed the following amendments to the second reading of the draft law: to exclude from the definition of extremism words about declaring illegal actions aimed at hindering "the legal activity of the federal executive authorities, the executive authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation and local government." The Yabloko faction also believes that the suspension of public organisations, suspected of extremism, must be validated by a corresponding decision of the Supreme Court only. In addition, Yabloko advocates removing from the text of the draft law any mention of "another state body" other than the Ministry of Justice which would be called upon to check the appearance of extremist manifestations.

In the opinion of the Yabloko faction, these amendments to the draft law would make it impossible to use this law as an instrument of political pressure, but would preserve all the possibilities for an active fight against any manifestations of extremism.

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RIA Novosti, June 20, 2002

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