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Polit.ru, Monitor

Yavlinsky is concerned about the criticism of President Putin's foreign policy course by the military-and-political bureaucracy

April 24, 2002

The leader of the Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO Grigory Yavlinsky thinks that pressures on President Putin's foreign policy imposed by certain political and bureaucratic forces aimed at ensuring changes to the present course have increased recently. "Systematic and abrupt criticism of the foreign policy course of the President of Russia by the military-and-political bureaucracy, with the large-scale involvement of the mass media, raises serious concerns," stated Yavlinsky in an interview with journalists on Wednesday, April 24, 2002.

According to Yavlinsky: "This has become especially important since the president's statement in his address to the Federal Assembly that "the period of confrontation is over" and "we are building constructive and normal relations with all countries" and that "it is especially important for our country to learn how to find allies and be a reliable ally for others," and "many definite steps towards [Russia's] integration with Europe," the intention "to continue active work with the European Union aimed at establishing a single economic space", and that "we support permanent dialogue with the United States and work to change the quality of our relations with NATO."

"The provincial isolationists who kept silent for a long time, standing behind the President as they considered him "one of their flock", have now in the new circumstances adopted a very dangerous line towards a split in the executive authorities into irreconcilable political camps and have been preparing to take political revenge," added Yavlinsky.

He also stressed that "the same thing happened in history in 1964 and 1991, and it is well-known what happened next (in October 1964 Nikita Khruschyov was dismissed, and in August 1991 an attempt to dismiss Mikhail Gorbachev was undertaken)."

"The Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO categorically opposes attempts to exploit even the biggest mistakes in domestic and economic policies for the forces of reaction- to disrupt the political system and destabilise the situation in the country," noted Yavlinsky.

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Polit.ru, Monitor, April 24, 2002

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