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Grigory Yavlinsky proposes the creation of a public television channel financed and controlled by society

February 17, 2002

The Yabloko faction will soon submit to the State Duma a law on public television. This was announced by the leader of the Yabloko party and its faction in the State Duma Grigory Yavlinsky in an interview with the "Geroi Dnya" (Hero of the Day) programme of NTV channel.

Yavlinsky noted that such television channels "exist in all countries". "This is not the case of private television, where journalists depend on the owners of the channel," stressed Yavlinsky.

According to the YABLOKO leader, the main goal of such a channel can be the attainment of freedom of speech in Russia. "The electorate has the right to listen to the point of view of those elected by them," said Yavlinsky. These points of view should be voiced at such a public television channel and reflect "the important problems of the economy, ecology, army, war in Chechnya", etc.

Yavlinsky also noted that he had already discussed this issue with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Implementation of this idea will require "political will and corresponding legislature," noted Yavlinsky. "I shall try to achieve this," promised the leader of YABLOKO.


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Polit.ru, February 17, 2002

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