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ABN (North-Western federal district, St.Petersburg)

St. Petersburg Youth Union YABLOKO proposes that the leadership of Oktyabrskya Rail Road conduct a joint action "Railroad Without Insulting Graffiti"

July 15, 2002

St. Petersburg. Chairman of St.Petersburg Youth Union YABLOKO V. Drugov forwarded an open letter to the head of the Oktyabrskaya Rail Road G. Komarov. The press service of the Youth Union YABLOKO informed ABN (www.abnews.ru) about the increasing frequency of manifestations of everyday nationalism and their impact on the work of the department. This has led the activists of the union to turn to G. Komarov. In particular, on the way to St. Petersburg the walls of garages and buildings opposite the railroad are covered with insulting nationalist graffiti and pictures of swastikas. This is very visible from trains leaving Moscow at the segment of Kolpino-Obukhovo - Moscow Railway Station (St. Petersburg): hundreds and thousands of St. Petersburg residents and guests of the city who travel daily along this segment of the railroad are confronted by such graffiti in the "cultural capital of Russia". The St. Petersburg Youth Union YABLOKO has offered to help remove this graffiti. A letter from the union states: "We propose a joint action of Youth Union YABLOKO and the services of the Oktyabrskaya Rail Road under the banner "Railroad Without Insulting Graffiti". As part of this action we could paint over and remove this graffiti. We are also greatly concerned about the desecration at Preobrazhenskoye cemetery regarding Jewish graves.” The letter, signed by Rabbi H. Burshtein and Chairman of the Judaic Community M. Freidzon, refers to the elimination of more than 40 graves by the Oktyabrskaya Rail Road on June 26-27, 2002 "as part of steps to expand the road,." V. Drugov concludes. “We hope that the work at the cemetery will be stopped and that the "individuals guilty of blasphemy will be duly punished."

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ABN (North-Western federal district, St.Petersburg). July 15, 2002

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