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ABN news agency

Head of the Duma Committee on Education and Science Alexander Shishlov: a single state examination should be introduced legally.

June 3, 2002

ABN. June 3, 2002. St. Petersburg. 20:02. Head of the State Duma Committee on Education and Science, deputy of the State Duma from the Yabloko faction Alexander Shishlov, advocates the introduction of a single state examination: he also thinks that a federal law should be adopted in connection with this.

This statement was made by Shishlov at a press conference in St. Petersburg on June 3, 2002. He also said that school schoolchildren are "experiencing double stress" when they pass their final exams at school and then take their entrance exams to universities. In addition, according to data obtained by Shishlov, the results of polls in this sphere demonstrate that here higher education institutions "can compete with [our] courts for the largest bribes."

The Head of the State Duma Committee for Education and Science thinks that the system, which is "dishonest, unjust and biased", should be changed. According to Shishlov, a methodology and form of tests have been tried and further developed during an experiment that has been running in some regions for the second year in a row, so that they can objectively assess the level of knowledge.

This year schoolchildren from 16 Russian regions passed a single state exam on mathematics, the English language and Russian history. In the North-West of Russia Novgorod and Pskov Regions held such an examination. Shishlov also informed the press that in December the State Duma Committee for Education and Science planned to organise parliamentary hearings where the results of the experiment would be drawn.

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ABN news agency, June 3, 2002

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