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Anchor - Alexander Khabarov.

Interview with Grigory Yavlinsky and Nikolai Kharitonov

NTV television channel, "Segodnya" programme,
September 24, 2001, 10-00 p.m.

Anchor: Today Vladimir Putin met the leaders of the Duma factions. Today Grigory Yavlinsky and Nikolai Kharitonov are in our studio: they both attended this meeting. Was there anything unexpected in what President told today?

Yavlinsky, leader of the Yabloko faction: His words today corresponded to the general policies adopted by Russia on September 11. They were termed more clearly, but the general line remained unchanged.

Anchor: Do you think such a position is sufficient?

Yavlinsky: As well as being a well-considered and reasonable, for the first time
this position clearly and fully characterises the obligations our country undertakes now.

Anchor: When you met today President Vladimir Putin, did you know that he was going to make a statement? Did he discuss some items of the address he read out with you?

Kharitonov: He may have planned a detailed speech, but then decided to consult with representatives of the legislative authorities, the State Duma and the Federation Council. The meeting lasted for two hours, all the leaders of factions and deputies' groups were given a chance to speak, the representatives of the Federation Council were given a chance to speak and at the end the President clearly formulated almost all the items of the statement we heard later. While the majority of us supported him, I said in my speech, for example, that obviously until the first explosion of a US bomb in Afghanistan the actions of the President and the leadership of the county will be of one kind, and then, probably, Russia's actions in the conditions close to military combat will follow.

Anchor: Is there a threat of Russia's involvement in the conflict in Afghanistan?

Kharitonov: Virtually all the speakers warned the country's leadership against involvement in the whirlpool of war, that the United States was virtually going to involve the Russian Federation in.

Anchor: In your opinion, is such close interaction with Afghan field commanders today fight in the North of Afghanistan dangerous? This is also expensive, as it requires the shipment of ammunition and weapons to the Northern Alliance, and all this costs money.

Yavlinsky: Such a situation is dangerous in general. We have supported the Northern Alliance before, and it was in our interests, as in this way we protected our borders and our interests in Tajikistan, and you know that our troops have been stationed there for a very long time already. Today this is our real participation in the international action against terror, terrorism, and that is our task: it may be expensive, but there is no other solution.

Anchor: Did not it look strange to you, that there were also words about Chechnya in Putin's statement?

Yavlinsky: I think that the President did not say anything new about Chechnya today: he has from the very outset demanded mandatory surrender of weapons. I don't know what the prospects of this may be and what use can this bring, but there is nothing new here

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NTV television channel, "Segodnya" programme,
September 24, 2001, 10-00 p.m.

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