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Report on the meeting of the leaders of Duma factions with President Putin

"Radio-1" radio station, September 24, 2001; 16-00

Anchor: Vladimir Putin has returned to Moscow from Sochi today. In half an hour the head of the state will hold a meeting with the leaders of Duma factions, representatives of the Federation Council and State Council where the problem of the fight with international terrorism will be discussed.

Report by Valentina Nikolskaya.

Correspondent: In reality the serious, and in my opinion, difficult discussion, will began in 30 minutes time. "The heads of the [Duma] factions are ready to dialogue with the President," said the leader of the Agrarian deputies' group Nikolai Kharitonov. Is it most important to you whether Russia will participate in the retaliatory actions conducted by the United States? The same deputy added: "Another important topic at this meeting will be the budget, and it is connected with anti-terrorist actions, as thousands of refugees will flow into Russia and this requires money from the budget." And here is the interview with the leader of the Yabloko faction Grigory Yavlinsky. I recorded it several minutes before the broadcast [of our programme].

What is your position, what will you speak to the President about?

Yavlinsky: I think it is absolutely right that the President invites all the main and leading politicians of the country to a discussion of developments in the world related to the fight against terrorism. Regarding our position, we support President's actions as of to-day: we think that everything done since September 11 in this direction is correct. We also think that his position, when he expressed a precise point of view on all the developments together with the G-8 already renders both political and information support to the anti-terrorist operation, and also provides moral support in this situation… Speaking about the military aspects, this is a question of definite actions, and can only be discussed when the plan to be used is developed. We also think that we should in addition focus our attention on our domestic problems, namely the allocation of corresponding resources to strengthen our borders in the Caucasus and in Central Asia. We propose allocating a considerably large amount on security at nuclear objects, in particular at nuclear power stations, flight safety, payment for additional security staff to ensure flight safety.

Correspondent: Another important detail. After the meeting with Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin, people's deputies will have another difficult discussion with the Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov. This meeting is scheduled for 18-00, and the budget is bound to be subject up for debate. The first reading of the budget is scheduled for Friday.

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"Radio-1" radio station, September 24, 2001; 16-00

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