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By Grigory Yavlinsky

Sham Reform Leads to National Bolshevism

The Moscow Times, January 30, 2001

More and more people are beginning to understand, albeit very slowly, what is happening in our country.

People are beginning to understand that we have sham freedom of speech, which really only allows us to systematically praise the bosses.

People see that we have sham independence of the judicial system, which continues to heed the commands of its superiors. This system can be used as a truncheon whenever it is needed. It is always ready to open a criminal case and start to hound someone.

We have sham elections: Everyone is well aware that people are able to elect not those who they want, but those who the government puts forward. This happens on all levels.

The country has a sham multiparty system: The party of power has certain privileges. This "party" is now trying to become a monopoly, having in essence joined forces with the Communists.

We have sham separation of powers because our government is not subordinate to anyone. The executive branch does whatever it feels like Ч it is accountable to no one, not on a single issue.

The most characteristic trait of today's government, which it unabashedly demonstrates, is the absence of any notion of the value of human life, any idea that there are inalienable rights and freedoms. It is senseless to try to explain this to the authorities: They don't allow these simple ideas into their consciousness. This is how it's been for almost 10 years. And what is the result?

In 10 years, our country has suffered through two wars, one of which continues; two defaults, one of them immense; and hyperinflation in 1992, which destroyed all the material resources of our fellow citizens. In 1993, we saw the beginnings of a civil war.

Today our country has ceased to count its dead. We no longer pay attention to the number of people who are killed every day in zones of military conflict Ч [this occurs] for many reasons that cannot be explained from the point of view of logic, the law or the Constitution. A country that does not count its dead is moving on a very dangerous road Ч it becomes indifferent. And this is just what those who would take political advantage of the country need.

The foundations of a new political system are being laid. Today I would call it yet unrecognizable national bolshevism. One of the reasons for it is the attempt to create a capitalist system without civil society.

Only reforms that guarantee real rights to everybody Ч only reforms that reach each individual and improve his life Ч can guarantee our country's strength and prosperity.



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The Moscow Times, January 30, 2001