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Interview with Igor Artemyev on the “Vremya” TV programme


The ORT channel
April 6, 2000

This is a live broadcast.

Igor Artemyev who may become the single candidate from the democratic forces at gubernatorial elections in St Petersburg is with us now.

Igor Grigoryevich, how are you going to reach agreement, when time is so tight, so that the SPS and Yabloko propose you as a single candidate?

Igor Artemyev: We consider the SPS our closest allies at the gubernatorial elections of St Petersburg. Last month we actually co-ordinated a single platform, based on the priority development of our city. I think this is absolutely real.

And what about Yuli Rybakov who has already been registered as a candidate?

Igor Artemyev: I deeply respect Yuli Rybakov, I have known him for many years. Our negotiations will demonstrate our positions. Actually I think that we shall achieve a compromise between our parties and between the candidates.

When do you meet the SPS leaders?

Igor Artemyev: I think that these discussions will continue tomorrow. I understand that electoral campaign tactics lead you to speak with conviction about your victory.

However, can you tell us whether this is real? Matvienko was a strong candidate and a strong opponent for Yakovlev: she had a rating of 15% against his 40%. Your rating now is probably much lower and there is little time left. Do you take this into account in your campaign?

Igor Artemyev: First of all, I am very grateful to Valentina Matvienko for her support.

Has she already said that she will support you?

Igor Artemyev: Yes, and I am very grateful to her for this. Secondly, the citizens of St Petersburg are well-educated, intelligent people. I think that the closer we get to the elections, – and there are only 40 days left - the clearer it will become to see who we can count on. If there is a single candidate from all the democratic forces, we will definitely have a chance to win against the corrupt administration of Yakovlev.

Igor Grigoryevich, have you already collected the signatures?

Igor Artemyev: You know, Yabloko is a strong party, especially in St Petersburg. We have done this several times and will do it this time too.

But you have not submitted signatures to the Electoral Commission yet, have you?

Igor Artemyev: No, we will probably submit them on April 12-13.

You mean that you will be in time?

Igor Artemyev: Certainly.

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