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Leaders of the Yabloko, SPS and OVR factions declare that the arrest of Gusinsky is splitting society and discrediting the country


Andrei Stepanov Yavlinsky to breed a new type of Yabloko*
July 10, 2000, page 3

Grigory Yavlinsky said that his party Yabloko is "ready to provide a credit of trust to the present President".

However, the congress where he made this statement was devoted to another matter. Grigory Alexeevich, using medical jargon, has decided to subject Yabloko to intensive therapy: the whole party should be revived and skilfully added to the party system built by the Kremlin.

Naturally, the members of Yabloko have subjected virtually all theses on their leadership to doubts and discussions, except one item: it is impossible survive any longer without joining coalitions. Representatives from the "Union of Right-Wing Forces", Irina Khakamada and Boris Nemtsov, who visited the congress, left the hall too early. Otherwise they could learn a lot of useful things about building a democratic coalition. Nemtsov, for example, thinks that 12 "joint" Yabloko-SPS organisations have already been created in the regions; whereas this is not quite true. Most significantly, Yavlinsky’s party is ready to leave the coalition, if it is ruled solely by Anatoli Chubais.

However, Yabloko party members are engaged in creating "common" local organisations of the democratic coalition. There is a sense in doing this: the SPS is still an empty shell, which may be filled with a Yabloko stuffing. At a regional level "common" organisations will be created on the basis of Yabloko branches. The Kremlin watches Yavlinsky’s party with poorly concealed suspicion, while the SPS has been already included in the list of "real parties" approved at the top.

Consequently, Yabloko will not only receive some assistance from forces on the right: it will also enter the system under their "roof". This combination is beneficial for the SPS as well: they obtain some support in the regions. And they are satisfied with such a situation. Boris Nemtsov said at the congress that "it is unimportant for his organisation who will head this or that regional (common) organisation, either a representative from Yabloko or the SPS."

In addition, the leader of Yabloko plans to play a special role in the new party system: his party will act as a link between the coalition of right-wing forces and parties of united social democrats, such as the organisation run by Mikhail Gorbachev. Incidentally, the ex-President of the USSR has already voiced his support for such a consensus. Yabloko is to be revived by doubling the number of deputies to Grigory Yavlinsky and members of the central council of the party. A special arbitration commission will be established to resolve all party squabbles.

*(Ed. Yabloko also means "apple" in Russian).

ei Stepashin on Grigory Yavlinsky's proposals