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Putin's Year
Sergei Ivanenko
Vremya Novostei, No 99,
August 9, 2000

Sergei Ivanenko (Yabloko)

- The main thing that happened during Putin's year is that Yeltsin's era ended first in actual fact and then legally. A new stage of the country's development was launched. Putin's activity is in public view: he began an anti-terrorist operation in Dagestan which grew into a military conflict, he is trying to implement economic reforms and reform of the federative structure. At the same time pressure on the mass media is increasing, instances of violation of human rights are growing and becoming more frequent. When Ernest Neizvestny made a sculpture of Nikita Khruschev at the Novodechi Cemetery, he made it in two shades: half-white and half-black. It symbolised the fact that there were dark and light sides to the life (in the political sense) of Nikita Khruschev. With some degree of approximation we can say that this resembles Putin's activity today. I think that his special feature is that he is a politician of a broad spectrum. Suffice it only to recollect the fact that he has put wreaths on both Dmitri Sakharov's grave and Yuri Andropov's grave.

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