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Leaders of the Yabloko, SPS and OVR factions declare that the arrest of Gusinsky is splitting society and discrediting the country


Sergei Ivanenko: ordinary citizens may follow Vladimir Gusinsky's way
from the http:// hro.org/actions/gusinsky/ivanenko.htm website "Vladimir Gusinsky's case"
June 14, 2000

The arrest of the head of the Media-Most holding company, Vladimir Gusinsky, is obviously politically motivated.

It is clearly not a common criminal case said one of the heads of the Yabloko party Sergei Ivanenko.

"Clearly someone placed an order for this arrest, everything has been done to intimidate and humiliate.

Ivanenko also noted that many citizens of Russia who do not have the same kind of money and influence as Gusinsky may feel that this serves him right.

Here Sergei Ivanenko recalled that public meetings were held in the 1930s in support of the arrests of high officials in the country. However, according to Ivanenko, the problem is that after the famous people - who presumably have a chance to defend themselves - it will be the turn of ordinary citizens whose fate will pass absolutely unnoticed.

Source: Gazeta.ru with a reference to the rbc.ru website

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