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YABLOKOs activist injured for investigation of land fraud in the Leningrad region

Press Release
December 30, 2011

On December 29 at day time, Alexander Senotrusov, YABLOKOs activist fighting against construction of cottages in the natural reserve, was attacked for investigation of land fraud in the Leningrad region. An unidentified person wearing a mask hit Senotrusov on his head knocking him off his feet. The beating continued when Senotrusov was on the ground, the attacker was crying Here is for Zakhar! Senotrusov is certain that the man aimed at killing him.

According to Senotrusov, Zakhar was the nick name of Yury Zakharchuk, head of municipal settlement Lebyazhenskoye. Senotrusov initiated establishment of a natural reserve which had to protect the coast line of the Gulf of Finland (a traditional recreation place for the local residents) from sale.

Senotrusov conducted at investigation of the fraud with land in the Lomonosov District, the Leningrad region. He found out that plots of land in the district were granted to handicapped persons (residents of St.Petersburg) at very low prices, however, the handicapped transferred their plots of land to a group of persons. This group, according to Senotrusov, included Eugeni Ustinov, head of the Lomonosov District, Yuri Zakharchuk, head of Lebyazhenskoye settlement and German Mozgovoi, Chief Federal Inspector in the Leningrad region. They were selling the plots of land already at high market prices, appropriating the profit from the price difference, Senotrusov told. He also connected the attack with the fact that he had handed to the new Prosecutor of the Leningrad region German Stadler copies of 750 land certificates of the plots situated in the natural reserve.
Neither police nor ambulance reacted on the calls of Senotrusovs neighbours. Senotrusov is in hospital now.

YABLOKO will closely follow the case so that the persons who ordered and implemented this crime be punished. Also YABLOKO is going to find out why the police and the ambulance service did not come to rescue the injured.

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Press Release
December 30, 2011

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