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Ombudsman Lukin: Rallies can not be unsanctioned

Human Rights in Russia, hro.org
June 2, 2010

Russias Ombudsman and one of the founders of the YABLOKO party Vladimir Lukin says that the heads of the interior should apologise before the participants of the rally they arrested at the Triunfalnaya Square, Moscow.

He also refuses to sign an agreement on cooperation with the Interior Ministry until this is done, runs the BBC service.

Lukin has also prepared or is going to prepare and submit to the heads of the state proposals on normalisation of the situation with conducting rallies, Grani.ru informs with a reference to the Echo Moskvi radio station. Lukin announced this while commenting on police breaking of the action held in protection of Article 31 of the Constitution of Russia which guarantees freedom of assembly. The Russian law does not contain such words as sanctioned or unsanctioned, and all the talk about sanctions are purely subjective, Lukin stated. He also added that the heads of the Interior Ministry should conduct a thorough investigation of the events at the Triumfalnaya Square in Moscow on May 31.

Lukin also reiterated that he himself had been present at the rally and can state that the law enforcement acted in an extremely tough and rude manner. He also noted that on the same day the authorities gave a permission to conduct a gala-medical action; whereas all the participants of this action were allowed to conduct a rally in the centre of Moscow from early in the morning till late at night. I havent seen such action even in India, Lukin said.

He also noted that, according to the version offered by the Moscow authorities, it was this event devoted to the Blood Donor Day which caused the prohibition to conduct a spontaneous rally. Lukin also stressed that the basic democratic value implies that citizens rights should be realised in such a way so that not to affect realization of other citizens rights. Lukin also noted that the so-called unsanctioned rally was taking place peacefully, nevertheless its participants had to confront unjustifiably rude [police] actions. The actions of the authorities can be tough only towards extremists actions, but they should treat with humanity people who came to express their point of view, Lukin said. Manifestations should become a part of democratic every day life, he concluded.

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June 2, 2010