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An anti-Stalinist action of the Youth YABLOKO broken out by police in St.Petersburg

Press Release
May 7, 2010

Today the Youth organisation of YABLOKO conducted a series of one-person pickets by the Kazan Cathedral in the centre of St.Petersburg. YABLOKO protests against placement of Stalin portraits in the city.

We are outraged by emergence of portraits of the executioner of the people on the threashold of the Great Victory Day. It is inadmissible to place portraits (whatever they may be) of a man who broke millions of lives, was an absolutely talentless leader of the army and killed the heroes who had protected Leningrad during blockade, stated the organisers of the action.

Four young YABLOKOs activists dressed in prisoners clothes and bearing plates on their chests with a list of Stalins crimes were spreading leaflets. The leaflets described Stalins crimes and explained why his portrait was an insult of the memory of the war and its victims.

Several young persons who said they were the Communist Party members interfered with YABLOKOs peaceful action and they also were very persistent in asking the police to arrest young YABLOKOs activists. Consequently the police arrested four activists: Alexei Mamonov, Yulia Anatoyeva, Elena Pasynkova and Denis Vasilyev. Alexander Skobov, member of the Bureau of St.Petersburg Solidarnost who was watching the pickets was not arrested despite his demands to let him join the arrested activists.

In the police department Denis Vasilyev was beaten as he refused to let the police to take his photograph.

First they prohibited our slogan Governor to Dismissal and then took a decision to place a memorial plaque to Romanov (odious head of Leningrad during Leonid Brezhnevs period) and then they even decorate a bus with Stalin portraits. Now they have arrested our activists for spreading anti-Stalinist leaflets. Only blind people may be unaware of the trend. And all this happens when President Medvedev makes a statement today [where he condemned Stalin], Maxim Reznik, Chair of St.Petersburg YABLOKO said. He also noted that the incident with a bus decorated with Stalin portraits demonstrated the common roots of Putins supporters and Stalinists: United Russia+CPRF (the communist party)=CPSU (the Communist Party of the USSR).

Nevertheless, Resnik noted that democrats won a moral victory: There will be no bus decorated with portraits of a serial killer Stalin in our city on May 9. And this is the main thing.

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Press Release
May 7, 2010