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Sergei Mitrokhin demands that Interior Minister should investigate the corruption scandal with Daimler

Press Release
April 16, 2010

YABLOKOs leader Sergei Mitrokhin applied to Rashid Nurgaliyev, Russias Interior Minister, demanding to file a criminal case on bribes received by federal and regional bureaucrats by Daimler.

The loud corruption scandal around Daimler led to publication in the Internet of some documents from the US Ministry of Justice relating to the case. The documents provide detailed information what officials and of which Russian ministries received the bribes and how much. The overall amount of bribes received by Russian bureaucrats from Daimler is assessed at about Euro 5 mln.
The trial in the US court ended by an amicable agreement envisaging that Daimler AG admits the guilt and pays considerable fines. The Russian representation of the company, ZAO Mercedes-Benz Rus admitted its guilt of bribing officials on April 2.

However, there was no official reaction to this from the Russian law enforcement. The only statement made was that by Svetlana Petrenko, deputy head of the Public Relations Department of the Investigation Committee under Public Prosecutor, who informed that there would be no investigation as they did not receive any files.

Sergei Mitrokhin noted in his letter to the Interior Minister, that Petrenkos opinion contradicts the norms of Article 144 of the Part 2 of the Criminal Procedural Code envisaging examination of information on crimes spread by the press.

These crimes committed on Russias territory should be investigated in the shortest terms, the heads of ZAO Mercedes-Benz Rus should be interrogated and the necessary documents from them and the US Ministry of Justice should be obtained, runs Sergei Mitrokhins letter. This can be done within the framework of the US-RF treaty on mutual legal aid in investigation of criminal cases, Mitrokhin stressed.


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Press Release

April 16, 2010