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The YABLOKO Party Points to a Crisis in the Security System in the Russian Federation

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“Nobody knows how to overcome terrorism, but concerned people know and understand that positive results can only be obtained through effective civil control over the secret services" - the Deputy Head of the YABLOKO party Sergey Ivanenko said.

According to Sergey Ivanenko without control by society the "siloviki" "continue, as it looks from the outside, to prosecute solely the subjects of their own welfare".

"The bureaucracy must eventually find a conscience and assume responsibility, for they are not doing their job and as a result tens and hundreds of their fellow citizens died" - one of the YABLOKO party leaders stressed.

Deputy Head of the YABLOKO party Sergey Mitrokhin considers that the issue of the responsibility of the management of Federal Security service for developments has been of concern for a long time. "FSB is directly responsible for airport safety and safety in crowded areas. Instead of focusing on this area, however, the secret services focus on youth groupings and political parties", - noted Mitrokhin.

Mitrokhin sees way out of the impasse by "establishing public control as is the case in England and by promptly increasing responsibility and adjusting the purposes and tasks of the secret services".

The leaders of YABLOKO are also convinced that success in the struggle against terrorism depends not only on the efficiency of the power structures, but also on the authorities’ domestic political course. "We became the object of terrorists for one reason only - our state cannot protect its citizens. The authorities pursue a policy, which sharply increases the danger of terrorist acts. This course should be considered irresponsible.

The inability of the state to protect the population leads to the formation of the image of an enemy, and the senseless attempt to tighten the screws will continue. As a result access to information will finally be closed to the public and society will be even less protected" - Mitrokhin added.


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