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Sergei Ivanenko: Proposing a non-political figure for the post of Prime Minister demonstrates that the course of the country has not changed

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Deputy Head of the YABLOKO party Sergei Ivanenko about the Presidents' proposal to nominate Mikhail Fradkov Chairman of the government:

Such a decision despite its inexpressiveness is quite indicative: the President does not allow for the appointment of any political figures, even those of limited independence, to the second post in the state. That is why he proposed a candidacy of an individual with experience of state service, who has never been known to take any side in any political developments. The President has made it clear that he will directly guide the government even more than in the past, and will himself determine the country’s course.

The actual policies that will be followed remain unclear. Proceeding from the premise that the president himself determines political and economic policies, we can tell that it will be dual as before: on the one hand they will go on strengthening the vertical of the power and limit any independence in the political sphere, and on the other hand some economic liberal innovations will be quite possible.

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