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The YABLOKO party will conduct the election campaign honestly and within the framework of the law, but is not going to sign the "Elections 2003" agreement

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The YABLOKO party will conduct the election campaign strictly within the Framework of the law, runs the statement of the YABLOKO party signed by Grigory Yavlinsky. This was announced by Deputy Chairman of the YABLOKO Party Sergei Mitrokhin at a press conference in Moscow on Thursday, August 21, 2003. Mitrokhin also stated that the statement had been forwarded to the organisational committee of the "Elections 2003" Fund and to the Chairman of the Central Electoral Commission Alexander Veshnyakov.

"The Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO has always observed and will always comply with Russian legislation in all its actions." runs the Statement. The statement also notes that YABLOKO has always adhered to the following principles: never using dirty technologies in its campaigns; not using the administrative resource; always granting true information to the mass media; and conducting open and public discussion and not bribing the electorate.

However, runs the Statement, these principles "are not observed by everyone" and "a campaign using all the elements of the most dirty technologies has been carried out against YABLOKO."

We want all the participants in the election campaign - both the authorities and the political parties v to observe Russian laws and refrain from the use of dirty technologies which malign Russia in general rather than simply their opponents. Following this goal we are going to participate in virtually all efficient observation bodies.

However, YABLOKO will not sign the "Elections 2003" agreement on honest elections which should be concluded on Friday, August 22, 2003, said Mitrokhin.

"YABLOKO shares the principles of opposing dirty technologies stipulated in the Agreement, but we don't think that it is correct participate in ceremonies and ritual actions together with the parties

That are already today violating the principles they declare," explained Mitrokhin. He also thinks that it would be hypocritical to sign an agreement in such a situation.

"We already have an imitation parliament, democracy and independent judiciary. And tomorrow we shall be shown an imitation of honest elections," noted Mitrokhin.

"Dirty technologies is one of the major political problems that is seriously undermining the reputation of our country," stressed the Deputy Chairman of the YABLOKO party, - and we shall certainly participate in the activities of any structure that really opposes dirty technologies.

In response to questions from journalists, Mitrokhin reiterated his accusation that Co-Chairman of the Union of Right-Wing Forces (SPS) Anatoli Chubais and the heads of the SPS elections headquarters had been applying incorrect methods in their electoral campaign and had organised a whole range of provocations against YABLOKO. Mitrokhin also reminded the journalists that not so long ago Alfred Kokh had "acknowledged" that the SPS "had allotted human and financial resources" to try and lure YABLOKO's electorate to change sides.

"The SPS leaders have not reacted to our statements. Boris Nemtsov has been acting like an ostrich with his head in the ground." "I respect Boris Efimovich [Nemtsov] and Irina Mutsuovna [Khakamada], however, it is very sad if they don't know what their headquarters are doing, said Mitrokhin.

At the same time Mitrokhin expressed his hope that "the SPS will make it into the Duma despite the wretched management of the election campaign which is leading their party to an abyss."

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