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The Liberal Group of PACE approved the idea of visa-free regime for trips of Russian citizens to EU countries

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Today the Group of Liberals, Democrats and Reformers of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe at the initiative of Alexander Shishlov (the YABLOKO faction) supported the idea of eliminating the visa regime between the Russian Federation and European Union member countries which was discussed at the Russia-EU summit in St Petersburg.

In its Resolution adopted on Monday June 23, 2003, the PACE Group of Liberals, Democrats and Reformers called on the EU, the Russian Federation, heads of states and parliaments of the European Union member countries to conduct intensive consultations on this issue so that to develop a plan of joint measures. "Preparatory work in the field of legislation both in Russia and the EU, as well as provision of necessary security measures are required for elimination of the visa regime," noted Vice-President of the Group of Liberals, Democrats and Reformers (LDR) Shishlov.

The LDR Group stated that "elimination of the visa regime between European Union and Russia will in perspective become an important step in the development of economic, political and cultural cooperation between EU and Russia which is in line with the idea of a Single Europe without any demarcation lines."

It is expected that Shishlov will make a report on this issue at the PACE plenary meeting in Strasburg, on June 23, at 5 p.m.

In addition, Shishlov is going to tell the European deputies about the Resolution adopted by the State Duma of the Russian Federation on the measures facilitating Russia's admission to the Bologna convention, the document on integration of higher education in Europe and mutual recognition of certificates and diplomas.

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The Liberal Group of PACE approved the idea of visa-free regime for trips of Russian citizens to EU countries, Press release, June 21, 2003

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