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The State Duma turned down the amendment granting tax privileges to environmental bodies

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On Friday, June 20, 2003, the State Duma refused to grant a tax break on the property of organisations protecting and caring for territories with an enhanced regime of environmental protection. A corresponding amendment to Chapter 30 of the Tax Code of the RF "Tax on the Property of Organisations" was submitted to the Duma by member of the YABLOKO faction Sergei Mitrokhin.

In votes for the draft law it was supported by 157 deputies, falling short of the required minimum 226 votes. Representatives from pro-governmental factions in the Duma (Unity and Fatherland-All Russia) did not give a single vote for the amendment.

"The amendment aimed to support organisations protecting the environment ," said Mitrokhin after the vote. - "Today most of these organizations them are in dire straits: they even lack funds to pay wages to their personnel and to meet their transport needs. Consequently, national reserves and parks face a dearth of personnel and aren’t able to fulfill their duties to the full. The issue is the survival of the items of our natural heritage that they protect. Our amendment could have considerably ease their position."

Mitrokhin also said that he would submit to the Duma a new variant of the amendment. Natural reserves and national parks and other territories with a special preservation regime should be freed not only from taxes, but also obtain additional state financing," noted Mitrokhin.

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