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Krasnoyarsk Territory may become testing ground for experiments by Chubais in housing and utilities

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"It is well-known that the housing and utilities sector of Krasnoyarsk Territory has run up considerable debt before energy suppliers and consequently faces a real threat that part of the housing and utilities sector in the region will be placed under the control of the monopoly created under the guidance of Anatoly Chubais," said deputy from the YABLOKO faction Sergei Mitrokhin to journalists on April 9, 2003.

This statement was made in relation to the meetings held (on April 10 and 11) by Chairman of the Board of RAO UES Anatoly Chubais and discussions in Krasnoyarsk Territory devoted to energy reform. However, according to information obtained by YABLOKO, one of the main topics, which was officially announced, concerned the new plan [of Anatoli Chubais] to create a super-monopoly in the housing and utilities sector.

"There will no reform, thinks Mitrokhin, - Chubais is trying to gain control of all the life support systems in the regions. He is setting political goals: to grab the electricity, housing and utilities sector: the shadow leader of the Union of Right-Wing Forces (SPS) will gain powerful leverage over the population which will depend on his will. It is obvious that Krasnoyarsk Territory will play a role as a testing ground for development of this strategy."

Mitrokhin also stated that there was only one alternative to the present monopolies in the housing and utilities sector – to create a system of economic incentives that provide for competition and reduce the colossal losses of housing and utlities companies, instead of a new super-monopoly.

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