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YABLOKO presented the draft law "On Universities" to the rectors of Russian universities

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YABLOKO presented the draft law "On Universities" to the rectors of the leading Russian universities. Deputy Head of the YABLOKO faction Igor Artemyev and Chairman of the Duma Committee for Education and Science, deputy of the YABLOKO faction Alexander Shishlov presented the draft law at the meeting of the Board of the Russian Union of University Rectors on October 16, 2003.

"We need to consider structural reforms in the higher educational system in Russia," said Igor Artemyev. "We would like to encourage debate on the best way of developing higher education," noted Alexander Shishlov.

Rectors expressed interest in the draft law. "Your initiative is what is important. We shall carefully examine the law, - said the rector of Moscow State university, President of the Russian Union of University Rectors Viktor Sadovnichiy.- All these issues should be discussed."

According to the rector of Moscow State Aviation Institute Alexander Matviyenko, such an initiative has a right to exist and the law should be examined.

Minister of Education Vladimir Filippov, Rector of St.Petersburg State University Ludmila Verbitskaya, rector of Rostov State University Alexander Belokon and Rector of the Far East University for Railways Viktor Grigorenko participated in the meeting of the Russian Union of University Rectors.

The draft law envisages the reform of the system of higher education in Russian and, according to the developers of the law will resolve a number of problems in the university system.

The adoption of the law will make it possible to achieve the following goals:

- eliminate the gap between a university education and fundamental science;

- grant the universities real autonomy and simultaneously increase their responsibility for their performance via competitive mechanisms on the market for educational services and highly qualified labour;

- establish guarantees for compliance with democratic principles in the universities' performance;

- overcome isolationist trends in Russian higher education,

- ensure renewal and maintenance of the intellectual potential of society in the broadest possible academic and research-intensive sectors.

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