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YABLOKO proposes that all the democratic forces discuss the draft platform for the democratic forces "Charter-20"

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Broad-scale discussion of the draft platform for the democratic forces "The Charter of the New Democratic Coalition - the 20 Principle Platform for the Democratic Coalition" is the goal of the Internet resource launched on Monday, January 27, 2003 at the domain.

The new web-site was created to enable all interested parties to see a complete text of the new platform for the planned democratic coalition and also discuss it: the visitors can post their opinion and propose their amendments to each of the 20 principles of the Charter.

The authors hope that reader feedback will make it possible to learn more about public opinion and find allies represented both by private users of the Internet and political and public organisations, especially regional organisations. "It would appear extremely important for everybody whose interests should be represented by the democratic coalition (civil society structures, public associations and citizens of the country adhering to democratic principles and values) to switch to discussion of the coalition platform and the programme principles, states

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO Sergei Mitrokhin in the foreword on the website. - Different well-known and to date unknown parties, public organisations, and their leaders sharing such democratic principles and values, can join the "20 Principles Charter" and coordinate work within the next months."

Advocates of YABLOKO's draft can state their support by completing a special form. The website has already received about 100 letters in the first hours since its launch.

Earlier, in December 2002, a draft of the joint democratic platform was submitted by Sergei Mitrokhin for discussion by the All-Russia Democratic Assembly, a permanent forum of democratic political parties and public organisations. It is expected that the All-Russia Democratic Assembly will express its attitude to Mitrokhin's draft at the meeting scheduled for March 2003. However, the document is being discussed at meetings of the Working Group of this forum.

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