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YABLOKO proposes liquidating the Federal Service for Financial Rehabilitation and Bankruptcy (FSFRB)

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YABLOKO's deputies propose liquidating the Federal Service for Financial Rehabilitation and Bankruptcy (FSFRB). On Wednesday, January 22, 2003, deputies from the YABLOKO faction Igor Artemyev and Sergei Ivanenko submitted to the Duma a corresponding draft law "On Amendments and Addenda to the Federal Law "On Insolvency (Bankruptcy)".

The authors of the draft law hold that the state authorities should regulate bankruptcy issues under civil law under the supervision of the judicial authorities, rather than with the help of the state department.

Yabloko's explanatory note to the draft law refers to international experience in this field and states that "there are no precedents where the state authorities are solely responsible for of  state policy bankruptcy issues ."

Supporting the transfer of state functions in bankruptcy to non-state self-regulatory organisations, YABLOKO's deputies propose retaining for the state supervision over such organisations.  According to the authors of the draft this function can by implemented by an existing agency, "for example, the agency responsible for economic policy."

YABLOKO proposes that the state be represented in a bankruptcy case by the agencies, which are entitled by law to recover indebtedness on mandatory payments.

"The draft law complies with the principles of administrative reform and debureaucratisation of the economy aimed at reducing superfluous state control, optimising the state executive authorities and reducing state administrative costs ," runs the explanatory note.



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