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YABLOKO concerned about forced return of refugees to Chechnya

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The Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO expresses its deep concern regarding the prospects of the forced return of refugees residing in Ingushetia back to Chechnya. Such a statement to journalists was made by the Chairman of the party Grigory Yavlinsky.

The leader of YABLOKO also informed the press that the problems of refugees had been discussed at the meeting of Presidium of the Bureau of the Federal Council of YABLOKO on December 3, 2002. According to Yavlinsky, all the participants of the meeting were convinced that "the forced return of the victims of the war back to the unadapted and moreover dangerous conditions in Chechnya as it is today is inadmissible."

"We call on the political leadership of Russia and Ingushetia not to allow for new sufferings of a people who have already experienced so much pain," stressed Yavlinsky. He also noted that "realising the complexity of the problems the leadership of Ingushetia has to face in connection with settlement of thousands of refugees in the republic, the YABLOKO party and its faction in the State Duma are ready to help resolve these problems using all the possibilities to achieve this goal."

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