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Vladimir Lukin: Russia will intensify its integration into European security structures after the Rome Declaration

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Vladimir Lukin, Deputy Speaker of the State Duma from the Yabloko faction, said that after the signing of the Rome Declaration on the formation of the Russia-NATO Council, co-operation between the Russian Federation and members of the alliance will become closer and more intense.

"The process of a step forward in the formation of a real system of European security is now almost over," stated Vladimir Lukin in an interview with journalists on Tuesday, May 28, 2002.

According to Lukin, "this is a significant step forward, rather than the first or the last step or especially the final one."

According to Vladimir Lukin, Russia will intensify its integration into European security structures, and all the issues of fundamental importance to Europe will be now solved with Russia's participation. "Russia does not enjoy the right of veto, but nineteen NATO members also do not have this right regarding our country - and here I mean issues relating to Russia's actions," noted Vladimir Lukin.

He also pointed out that it was recently demonstrated that Russia has "two very serious areas in building a new security system. On one hand, we can act within the framework of "the twenty" and the present agreements will allow to provide a more real participation of Russia in NATO's structure. In addition, we have already formed certain bilateral relations with the USA, and we can use these bilateral channels quite flexibly and wisely."

Vladimir Lukin also drew the attention of journalists to the fact that there are certain situations when the American side "prefers to communicate with us on a bilateral basis." "We should not abuse such communication, but we also should not forget about the opportunities these bilateral contacts provide," noted Lukin.

Based on Interfax reports.

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