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Sergei Ivanenko warns against attempts to influence the course of the President of Russia

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Deputy Head of the Yabloko faction in the State Duma Sergei Ivanenko thinks that some "influential political forces" are testing out public opinion via different political structures, including that of the Duma, as they plan to make changes to the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

In an interview with journalists on Wednesday April 24, 2002, Ivanenko drew their attention to the fact that recent loud "scandalous initiatives that received perceptible public resonance" aim to revise some articles of the Consitution, adding that "their possible simultaneous implementation could imply a constitutional coup d'etat."

Ivanenko also reminded the press that "first there was a serious discussion on the viability of repealing the moratorium on the death penalty" in the RF, whichy was initiated by the People's Deputy Group led by their head Gennadi Raikov. This was followed by a discussion to merge and expand federation subjects.

The recent initiative of the People's Deputy group is connected to preparation of a draft law reinstate criminal liability for homosexuality. Ivanenko also pointed out to journalists that these issues had already been regulated by corresponding constitutional provisions.

"Yet I can only assume and point out to you these trends, which indicate that there are very influential forces in the country dissatisfied with the presidential course towards Russia's integration with Europe, cooperation with NATO, in particular in the fight against terrorism, and with the USA."

According to Ivanenko, the activisation of these political forces represents "an alarm call for politicians, president who represent a certain political line."

Sergei Ivanenko also noted that these alarm signals can be regarded as a "direct challenge" against the head of the state. Ivanenko said that he found it difficult to assess the probability of a subsequent change in the President's course. However, he added that: "after learning the lessons of history it is better to prevent possible dangers in advance."

 Based on Interfax reports.

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