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Yabloko and the SPS oppose restoration of the symbols of the Soviet Union


The Yabloko and the SPS factions of the State Duma will not support the draft law to restore the music by Alexandrov as the new Anthem for the Russian Federation.

Виктор Похмелкин и Сергей Иваненко на пресс-конфереции в Госдуме. 22 ноября 2000 г.
Photo: Viktor Pokhmelkin and Sergei Ivanenko at a press conference in the State Duma. November 22, 2000.

Yabloko and the SPS think that this initiative may be placed on the same level as the odious idea of restoring Dzerzhinsky's statue (Ed. the first Chief of the KGB) at the Lubyanka Square in Moscow and post No 1 by the Lenin’s Mausoleum (Ed. changing the guards by the Mausoleum).

We consider such attempts as a test before the restoration of the elements of a totalitarian system that are far from symbolic.

In view of the tribute to symbols and great achievements of the past era, we believe that it would be unethical to adopt the anthem of a state that has ceased its historic existence. We should not forget that “Stalin’s” antehm is closely connected to bloody crimes against the nation.

In our opinion, the anthem of Russia may not be imposed onto society from the top, by decision of the State Council or the State Duma. It should consolidate Russian society, rather than split it into opposing groups.

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