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Press release, 28.07.2000
The Chuvash regional branch of Yabloko and the Chuvash Organisational Committee of the Union of Right-Wing Forces (SPS) decide to create a coalition of democratic forces

On July 27, 2000, a meeting was convened, attended by Evgeni Lin Chairman of the regional branch of Yabloko, Deputy Chairmen Valeri Makarevsky, Moisei Polyakov and member of the Political Council Nikolai Solovyov; and by the co-Chairmen of the Chuvash Organisational Committee of the SPS, Ramil Khairutdinov, Chairman of the regional branch of the "Democratic Choice of Russia" and Chairman of the regional branch of the "New Force" movement Vladimir Vasiliev.

Participants of the meeting adopted a principled decision on the creation of a coalition of Yabloko and the SPS in Chuvashia. This agreement resulted from a requirement to consolidate the democratic liberal forces of Chuvashia, pool efforts to consolidate in Chuvashia basic common values - a civil society, market economy and law-governed state.The closest goals of the coalition will involve participation in the by-elections to the State Council of the Chuvash Republic and the elections of the heads of local self-government and representative authorities of local self-government, including the elections of the mayors of Cheboksari and Novocherkassk in December 2000.

SPS and Yabloko believe that it is necessary to propose a single list of candidates for the posts of deputies of the State Council of the Chuvash Republic, representative authoritites of local self-government and the heads of local self-governement. In addition, Yabloko and the SPS will coordinate their actions in a number of other issues, including the discussion and adoption of the Constitution of the Chuvash Republic.The participants of the meeting have decided that it is necessary to draw up within a fortnight preliminary lists of candidates, develop principles governing the formation of the coordination body of the coalition and draft a joint plan of actions.

Based on the reports of the Press Service of the Chuvash regional branch ofYabloko


Sergei Ivanenko: meeting between Putin and oligarchs unlikely to influence the development of relations between business and the authorities

The Deputy Head of the Yabloko faction, Sergei Ivanenko, thinks that the meeting between the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and representatives of large-scale business on July 28, 2000, was convened as part of a consultative process and was virtually a working meeting. Ivanenko said that this was a "useful discussion" for both sides.

At the same time, in an interview with journalists on July 28, 2000, he expressed his opinion that it was highly unlikely that the meeting would have a serious influence on future relations between business and the authorities. He added that the idea of establishing a council of entrepreneurs under the RF Government of the RF was nothing new. Such structures had existed in the past. However, added Ivanenko, the members of such councils "did not meet regularly and virtually failed to resolve any problems."

With respect to the "most significant declaration made by the President, that there would be no revisions to privatisation results," Ivanenko noted that "such declarations have been made weekly on a regular basis and this arouses concern". He added: "All this demonstrates that there is a problem."

Based on Interfax reports.

Sergei Ivanenko: the State Council will become one of the consultative structures under the President

Deputy Chairman of the Yabloko faction, Sergei Ivanenko, thinks that the State Council can only be a consultative body under the President of the Russian Federation: "In general I do not attach great importance to this structure," said Ivanenko in an interview with journalists on July 28, 2000. He also pointed out to journalists that at present there are "multiple councils, and the State Council will probably become another one".

At the same time Ivanenko thinks that the presence of governors as members of the State Council may elevate the status of this body: "It will probably be more elevated than other councils of this type." In his opinion the governors - "and this issue was preliminary discussed as such" -will join this council.

At the same time Ivanenko ruled out the possibility of the transfer of some of the functions of the Federation Council to the competence of the State Council, stressing: "This would be unconstitutional." He thinks that the Yabloko faction was unlikely to conduct broad discussions about the formation of the State Council at the factionís meetings, noting: "Each of our deputies has a possibility to speak out on this issue, something which we will probably do.

Based on Interfax reports.