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Press release, 08.06.2000


Sergei Ivanenko: a law on a state of emergency should be adopted to regulate the situation in Chechnya

The decision of President Putin to establish a provisional administration in Chechnya was mandatory.

Today there are no other options, said the First Deputy Head of the Yabloko faction Sergei Ivanenko in an interview with journalists.

In his opinion: This decree simply refers to the situation that has developed in Chechnya today, which determined the system of power in the Chechen Republic. Direct presidential rule of Chechnya has de facto been introduced.

Ivanenko added: However, this institution is not represented in Russian law.

"A law On a State of Emergency needs to be adopted urgently, in order to provide legal regulation of the situation in Chechnya and create a normal form of rule there. The status of the governing bodies should be determined by this law, rather than by some special law on direct federal rule", noted Ivanenko.

Ivanenko added that the Duma Council had adopted a decision to include the issue of adopting a federal constitutional law on a state of emergency in the agenda of the Duma for June.

Ivanenko also said that notably today the Secretary of the Security Council Sergei Ivanov had made the significant declaration that it was impossible to resolve the conflict in Chechnya by military means and that a political solution of this problem was required.