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Press release, 27.04.2000


Yabloko approved the regulations on joint work with the SPS coordination council

On April 27, 2000 the Yabloko faction approved the regulations on joint work with the SPS Coordination Council of the democratic forces for legislative work in the State Duma.

A week ago the joint meeting of the Yabloko and the SPS factions commissioned the Deputies of the Duma Sergei Ivanenko (Yabloko) and Viktor Pokhmelkin (SPS) to work out the regulations of the Co-ordination Council for legislative work.

The Preamble to the regulations stipulates that the Coordination Council has been established to overcome the weakness and splittering of the liberal and democratic forces in the State Duma, as well as the adoption of joint decisions in the field of legislation.

The Co-ordination Council-s work will be based on general democratic principles: the supremacy of society over the state, inviolability of human rights and freedoms, the supremacy of law and guarantee of a fair trial, a liberal economy with just distribution of public wealth.

The aims of the Coordination Council are as follows: development of a joint position of Yabloko and the SPS on most important draft laws discussed by the State Duma, preparation of joint initiatives of SPS and Yabloko and development of proposals on solidarity votings. Members of other deputies- groups may participate as observers in the meetings of the Co-ordination Council at the discretion of the Co-ordination Council.

The Yabloko faction proposed the following Yabloko Deputies as members of the Co-ordination Council: Igor Artemyev, Elena Mizulina and Sergei Ivanenko, who will be co-chairman of the Co-ordination Council. We hope that the Coordination Council will mark another step forward in the organisation of the democratic coalition, stressed Sergei Ivanenko, Deputy Head of the Yabloko faction.