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Press release, 18.04.2000


A decision on proposing a single democratic candidate at gubernatorial elections in St Petersburg may be taken by the end of this week

The decision on whether to propose a single democratic candidate at gubernatorial elections in St Petersburg may be made by the end of this week. Yabloko's gubernatorial candidate, Igor Artemyev, made this statement at a press conference on April 17, 2000.

He was positive about the negotiations conducted by Yabloko with the leaders of the Union of Right-Wing Forces and the "Unity" movement. According to Igor Artemyev, there are no differences between the democratically oriented parties and movements of the city over the general "priorities of the development of St Petersburg and what the coalition government should do". "There are only questions about tactics, about the best way of running an election campaign," said Igor Artemyev.

Igor Artemyev believes that Yabloko's programme for the gubernatorial elections will be presented to the citizens of St Petersburg by April 24. Igor Artemyev also said that "St Petersburg historically represents the hopes of the whole country, as full realisation of democratic values can only be achieved here, and here it is possible to conduct a reasonable financial policy, based on living within one's means and profiting from transit flows".

Igor Artemyev also said that the main political priority of his programme is "to preserve and protect the rights and freedoms of the citizens". He also told that people had witnessed "intense pressure" on representatives of the democratic forces from the administration of the city. Thus, according to his data, it had already refused to provide premises for electoral head-quarters, and there had been instances of "illegal and unsanctioned intrusion into people's private lives".

Igor Artemyev stressed that "we are going to protect ourselves with all the legal means at our disposal and will respond in full to every blow and every dirty trick, thereby protecting the honest name of our city".

The gubernatorial elections are to be held in St Petersburg on May 14, 2000.

Sergei Ivanenko: Joint meeting of the Yabloko and SPS factions will be another step forwards to the creation of a democratic coalition

On April 19, 2000 the Yabloko and SPS faction will conduct a joint meeting.

"This meeting will mark another step forward in the creation of a democratic coalition," said Sergei Ivanenko, Deputy Head of the Yabloko faction.

According to Ivanenko, the deputies will consider the creation of a co-ordination council which will determine the legislative work of the two factions in the Duma. It is planned that the decisions adopted by that council will be obligatory for the deputies of both the factions.

The joint of meeting of the two factions will also consider the elections in St Petersburg. "We are going to everything required from us, so that a single candidate represents the democratic forces at these elections. We shall do what we can here," stressed Sergei Ivanenko.