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Press release, 15.04.2000


The leader of the St Petersburg branch of Yabloko, Igor Artemyev, is registered as St Petersburg gubernatorial candidate

The Electoral Commission of St Petersburg has reported that the Chairman of the Political Council of the St Petersburg branch of Yabloko and Deputy of the State Duma Igor Artemyev was registered as a candidate for Governor of St Petersburg on April 15, 2000.

The number of signatures in support of Igor Artemyev amounted to 71,500. The Electoral Commission declared that 6.3% of the signatures were defective. Other candidates registered by the Electoral Commission include the present Governor Vladimir Yakovlev, Deputy of the Legislative Assembly Andrei Korchagin and businessman Artyom Tarasov, who resides in London.

Previously 29 people had declared that they would participate in the gubernatorial elections. The elections will take place on May 14, 2000. The elections will be considered valid if over 25% of the 3,700,000 city electorate take part. To win in the first round a candidate must get 50% plus one vote. Otherwise there will be second round between the top two candidates, which will be decided by majority vote.

Based on Interfax reports.