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Press release, 11.04.2000


The Yabloko faction objects to the draft statement of the Duma on the PACE decision

The Yabloko faction refuses to support unconditionally the draft Statement of the Duma prepared by the Committee for International Affairs related to the decision of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to initiate proceedings to suspend Russia’s membership of the Council of Europe.

The representatives of Yabloko will insist on the deletion of several clauses from this document. In particular, Yabloko objects to the provision expressing support for the actions of the delegation of the Federal Assembly of the RF, when the delegation - except for two representatives of Yabloko and Sergei Kovalyov (from the SPS faction)-left the hall of PACE in protest at what the Russian parliament members consider to be an unjust decision.

On April 11, 2000 the draft statement of the Duma will still be discussed by deputy factions and groups and on April 12 it will be submitted to the Duma.

Based on Interfax reports.