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Press release, 18.01.2000
Yabloko, Fatherland - All Russia, the Union of Right-Wing Forces and the Regions of Russia oppose the collusion the between the CPRF and the Unity

The Yabloko faction will not participate in single candidate election for the candidacy of the Chairman of the Duma, noted Grigory Yavlinsky at the first plenary session of the Duma on January 18, 2000. The deputies from Yabloko refused "all official posts in the Duma" and called on everybody in opposition to the collusion between the CPRF, Unity and some deputy groups witnessed on the proposal of Gennadi Seleznyov's candidacy (the CPRF faction) as Speaker and in the distribution of the posts in the committees of the Duma to leave the hall to "avoid participating in the actions of the agressive-obedient majority".

Following Grigory Yavlinsky's statement, the same declaration was made by Sergei Kiryenko, the leader of the Union of Right -Wing Forces faction and Oleg Morozov, the leader of the Russian Regions deputies' group. Then Yabloko, Fatherland - All Russia (OVR), the Right-Wing Forces (SPS) and part of the deputies from the Regions of Russia deputy group left the hall.

Earlier Evgeni Primakov (OVR), Sergei Stepashin (Yabloko) and a representative of the SPS had recalled their candidacies for the post of Speaker in protest at non-democratic election of the Chairman of the Duma (it had been proposed that the voting be carried out openly).

Consequently, in single candidate voting for tSpeaker of the Duma, 285deputies voted for the candidacy of Gennadi Seleznyov.

In the evening the leaders of the factions that refused to participate in the non-democratic elections of the Speaker dictated by the large factions decided to form a Co-ordination Council to develop further joint actions.

The Co-ordination Council will include the leaders of these factions and two representatives from each of the factions.

An agreement was reached not to take any separate decisions without prior coordination at the meeting of the Co-ordination Council.

Based on Interfax reports.