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The Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation
The State Duma
Committee on Education and Science

On the Principles for Forming the Federal Budget for 2003 Regarding the Financing of Education

# 61-1, May 24, 2002

After reviewing the issue on the principles for forming the federal budget for 2003 with regards to the financing of education expenditures, the Committee thinks that when drafting the federal law "On Federal Budget for 2003" the Government of the Russian Federation should make development of education a priority issue and consider the provisions aimed at developing the education sector contained in the Address of the President of the Russian Federation to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, materials of the discussion "Modern Education Policy of Russia" from the meeting of the State Council of the Russian Federation, the Concept of Modernisation of Education in Russia for the Period Until 2010 and the National Education Doctrine.

The Committee notes the recent positive trend towards annual growth of education expenditures in the federal budget, which made it possible to resolve a number of principle issues for financing education, including the waiving of creditor indebtedness of educational institutions for payments for communal services. The budget for 2002 increased expenditures on the computerisation of schools and purchase of equipment, the financing of a number of special federal programmes ("The Federal Programme for Education Development", "Development of a Single Educational Information Environment", "Children-Orphans", etc.)

The Committee notes the efficient work of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation in connection with full implementation of the budget in January-February 2002 in accordance with planned goals.

At the same time the Government of the Russian Federation failed to fully finance the expenditures required for the development and modernisation of Russian education; the budget for 2002 did not allot sufficient funds for aid to the subjects of the Russian Federation regarding an increase in salaries, did not envisage expenditures for raising stipends and social support for students; allocated insufficient funds for the development of material and technical base of educational institutions.

In view of the aforementioned facts, the Committee decided:

1. To propose that when drafting the state budget for 2003 the Russian Government and the State Duma Budget and Tax Committee proceed by financing education expenditures on the basis of faster expenditure growth rates on high-priority areas of education development, including mandatory preservation of the level of basic financing of education that has already been attained, and ensuring expenditure growth on all issues of budget and economic classification, exceeding the forecast level inflation.

2. Regarding faster expenditure growth rates on high-priority areas of educational development, to consider it necessary to pool the resources of the budget for 2003 on the comprehensive development of the infrastructure of educational institutions, material incentives for highly-qualified teaching personnel, and on increasing the accessibility of professional education.

2.1. To increase the accessibility of education, to envisage that the following be done:

  • increase stipends by at least 100%, including a simultaneous change in regulations on stipends to increase the targeted nature of social stipends, allotting an additional 6.6 bln roubles for this goal;
  • increase expenditures on the repair and maintenance of student dormitories.

2.2. To provide material support for highly-qualified teaching personnel and encourage innovation by teachers, the budget for 2003 should stipulate the following:

  • increase by 400% additional payments for academic degrees of "candidate of science" and "doctor of science", allotting to this goal an additional 4.7 bln roubles;
  • set additional bonuses for masters of professional education and directors of educational institutions of primary and secondary professional education, amounting to 1,000 roubles per month, allotting to this goal an additional 1.4 bln roubles;
  • set provisions for faster wage growth rates to workers in education participating in innovative and experimental work to modernise education, by increasing the funds for the Federal Programme for the Development of Education by 0.4 bln roubles.

2.3. To further develop the infrastructure of educational institutions and informational and methodological support for education, the budget for 2003 should envisage the following:

  • increase expenditures for purchasing educational laboratory equipment to 7.2 bln roubles;
  • increase expenditures on capital and current repairs of educational-laboratory and educational-production objects to 8.6 bln roubles;
  • increase expenditures for replenishing library stock (including those on electronic media) to 1.6 bln roubles;
  • allot additional funds amounting to 1.0 bln roubles for the retraining and professional development of professors and teachers of higher educational institutions.

3. Regarding the provision of basic financing for education, to consider the following necessary measures:

  • raise average wages for workers in education (from January 1, 2003) by 20%, allotting an additional 6.9 bln roubles for this;
  • increase expenditures on utilities by 46% (including inflation and tariff increases) considering the prospects of co-financing these expenditures from the extra-budgetary funds of educational institutions;
  • increase by 5.0 bln roubles expenditures on providing meals for primary school pupils, those on state support, and orphans studying in professional education institutions;
  • finance expenditure on the maintenance of recreation facilities for educational institutions.

Alexander Shishlov
Chairman of the Committee

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The Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation
The State Duma
Committee on Education and Science

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