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Sergei Mitrokhin

Born in 1963. Higher education. Candidate of political science.
Married, has a daughter.


1987 - 1991 - participated in informal movement, one of the founders
and authors of the independent newspaper Khronograph (Chronograph)


1990 - 1995 - Deputy head of the International Institute of
Humanitarian and Political Research


In 1994 - 2003 - member of the State Duma, the Yabloko faction,
deputy chair of the Local-Self Government Committee. Prepared 82 laws
of the Russian Federation on protection of human rights, state
governing, housing and communal services sector, local self-governing,
public movement and political parties, anti-corruption laws, as well
as laws in the fields of national security and ecology.


1996 - 2000 - succeeded in persuading the government to annually allot
several millions roubles for the Kurchatov Nuclear Institute for
reconstruction of its infrastructure and improvement of security
measures of this nuclear facility. In 2004 the government agreed that
stage by stage evacuation of radioactive waste (preserved for 60 years
at the Institute's grounds ) should be evacuated from the contaminated


2001 - 2008 - deputy chair of the YABLOKO party. Participated in the
development of the key programme documents of the party - the
Democratic Manifesto and the Seven Steps Towards Equal Opportunities


2002 - initiated a movement against imports of nuclear waste into
Russia. In 2003 - President of Russia appointed him member of the
Commission for Control Over Nuclear Waste Imports into Russia.
Organised public inspection of the largest nuclear facility in Russia
(in the Krasnoyarsk region). This campaign resulted in considerable
improvement of security measures at the facility.


2005 - 2009 - elected deputy of the Moscow City Duma, head of the
Yabloko faction. Engaged in protection of human rights, ecology,
enhancing of parliamentary control over the Moscow Government and the
Moscow budget expenditures, solution of the problems of the housing
and communal services sector, fights for preservation of Moscow's
historic sites.


2008 - elected Chairman of the Russian United Democratic Party YABLOKO


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