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Sergei Mitrokhin: we will not allow nationalists to destroy Russia

Press Release
January 15, 2011

YABLOKO’s leader Sergei Mitrokhin paid tribute to the memory of Yegor Sviridov [whose murder and the following release of the murderers from the police station provoked mass-scale disorders in the centre of Moscow on December 11. This protest was used by nationalists.]. He laid flowers at the place of his death on Kronshatdsky Boulevard.

In a brief statement to journalists Sergei Mitrokhin said he could not attend the funeral because he was away from Moscow on this day, but he added that he had found it necessary to memorise Yegor on the 40th day of his death [in accordance with the Russian tradition].

"The death of Yegor Sviridov aroused broad public resounance due to the fact that the state failed to protect him, and the police almost missed the accomplices of the crime," he said.

"Unfortunately a month ago, this tragic occasion was used by nationalistic forces for provocations. I am categorically against the situation when the memory of Yegor is privatized by nationalists, who are destroying our country," Mitrokhin added.

"I pay tribute to all the victims of nationalistic crimes. Nationalism is one of the reasons behind such crimes. Unfortunately, the state does nothing to stop the spiral of ethnic conflicts that can not only lead to new tragedies, but also to the destruction of Russia. If inter-ethnic peace is ruined in Russia, the country will cease to exist as a state ", said YABLOKO’s leader.

"The people who are shouting anti-Caucasian slogans have apparently parted with the Caucasus, and along with it, with the Volga region, where people of different nationalities live. But we will not allow the nationalists to destroy Russia. Nationalism will not work ", said Sergei Mitrokhin.

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Press Release
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