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Human Rights

Yabloko insists on the investigation of the assault against the journalist Oleg Luriye

December 17, 2000

Late on December 16, 2000, special correspondent of the investigations department of Novaya Gazeta Oleg Luriye was attacked. He has over the past year investigated the Mabitex case (Ed. there have been allegations that Pavel Borodin, at the time head of the presidential department, received backhanders from the company responsible for refurbishing the Kremlin). The day before the attack Oleg Luriye had spoken on the Vox Populi programme (Ed. a popular talk show on NTV) and had been extremely critical of the Administration of the President and some oligarchs.

Oleg Luriye was attacked by his garage, where he was going to put away his car. Five attackers locked the journalists wife in the garage and severely beat him.

Robbery was not among the motives of the attackers, as they did not take any money or belongings of Oleg Luriye.

Yablokos representative and Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Security, Yuri Schekochikhin, thinks that the attack against Oleg Luriye was targeted at frightening journalists who adhere to the principle of freedom of speech and therefore coincides with President Putins policy on suppressing the free press.

Yabloko points out to all Russian citizens that this is not the first case of assault against Novaya Gazeta journalists, moreover this newspaper is well-known for its independent position towards the authorities. The unknown attackers who a year ago attacked the correspondent of Novaya Gazeta Igor Domnikov who died due to these injuries, have still not been found.

Deputy of the Yabloko faction Alexei Melnikov stated that on Monday the Yabloko faction would forward a deputies inquiry to the competent agencies, demanding an accurate investigation of the attack against Luriye. Melnikov also said that Yabloko would protect independent journalists with all the legal methods at the partys disposal.

December 17, 2000