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Budget 2003

Press Release


Budget 2003

Press releases


Press Releases

The Duma majority refused to increase financing of education and science in 2003
Press Release, October 18, 2002
Chairman of the Duma Committee on Education and Science, member of the YABLOKO faction Alexander Shishlov expressed his regret that the Duma majority refused to vote for the amendments on allotting additional funds to the education and science sector. The amendments were discussed on Friday, October 18, 2002.


The "big four" factions in the Duma refused to support education and science
Press Release, October 10, 2002

Chairman of the Duma Committee on Education and Science and member of the YABLOKO faction Alexander Shishlov expressed his regret that representatives of the deputies' groups the "Unity", "Fatherland - All Russia", "People's Deputy" and "Russia's Regions" had refused to support the amendments of the Education Committee on allotting additional funds to the education and science sector. The amendments for the second reading of the draft budget for 2003 were discussed during the meeting of the State Duma Budget and Tax Committee on Thursday, October 10, 2002.


Grounds for Optimism
Moscow Times, by Alexander Sokolowski, October 21, 2002

One can tell a lot about where a country's economy is headed by looking at its budget. Since the budget is essentially the resource framework for all of a state's operations, it also serves as a barometer of government efforts at economic and social reform. On Friday, the State Duma passed the draft 2003 budget in its second reading. Although the Duma must still consider the budget in its third and fourth readings before the draft is fully adopted by the lower house, the budget's basic parameters and major spending priorities have already been set.


"A Word on the Budget"
Economy: the steps that have to be taken

by Grigory Yavlinsky, September 27, 2002
Existing economic mechanisms only achieve the very narrow goal of maintaining the present [economic] level, but fail to provide for medium-term economic growth. In terms of solutions to the main problems facing the country, the economic system has been in a state of decline and has been slow to curb, despite current growth, the country's problems that have been snowballing .


Sergei Ivanenko: There are no answers to the main questions in the 8,836 pages of the 2003 budget
RosBusinessConsulting, October 1, 2002

An interview with Sergei Ivanenko, first deputy head of the Yabloko Party's parliamentary group


Yabloko: Budget 'Hydrocarbonated'
Moscow Times, By Valeria Korchagina, September 25, 2002
The State Duma's Yabloko faction presented its annual alternative budget Tuesday while slamming the government for once again drafting a "hydrocarbonated" budget hooked on oil and gas.


A Decisive Trip
Izvestia, by Alla Kreshchenskaya and Vyacheslav Sergeev, September 7, 2002

A controversial presidential bill on combating extremism was pushed through the State Duma by On June 6 the Duma resolutely voted in favour of a law to counter extremism in the first reading. The law was passed despite its clearly draft" nature and the views of some parties that this law Duma deputies believe that implementation of Russia's 2003 budget will stabilize Russia's reputation in the global money markets. Pro-government factions of the Duma are so convinced that the draft budget will pass easily in the autumn session of the Duma that Unity leader Vladimir Pekhtin has planned a trip to Brazil at the time of the reading of the first reading of the draft budget. He intends to discuss dams and dykes there.


Deputy of the State Duma Mikhail Zadornov: Budget for 2003 is unfavourable towards regions
Rosbalt, August 30, 2002

Moscow August 30, 2002. The adoption by the State Duma of the federal budget for 2003 in the government’s version is unprofitable for Russia’s regions. This opinion was expressed by Deputy Head of the Budget Committee of the State Duma Mikhail Zadornov (YABLOKO) at his meeting with journalists on Friday, August 30, 2002.


Deputy of the State Duma Sergei Ivanenko: Government complacency may cost Russia dearly
Rosbalt, August 26, 2002

Moscow, August 26, 2002. “The draft budget for 2003 demonstrates the apathetic approach of the Government to the resolution of the country’s financial and economic problems,” noted Deputy Head of the YABLOKO faction in the State Duma Sergei Ivanenko in an interview with the Rosbalt correspondent on Monday.


Second version of the draft budget under preparation
Vremya MN, August 27, 2002

The YABLOKO faction of the State Duma is ready to submit its variant of the draft state budget for 2003 as an alternative to the governmental draft...


Alexei Kudrin: Discussions of the draft budget for 2003 in the State Duma will be tough
RIA Novosti, August 27, 2002

Leaders of the Duma factions and associations are pleased with the results of their meeting with the Russian president in the Kremlin...


Yabloko’s Budget Will Ripe by Autumn
Vremya Novostei, July 4, 2002, By Viktor Khamrayev
By autumn the Yabloko faction of the State Duma will prepare its own variant of the state budget for 2003 as an alternative to the government’s draft budget. Grigory Yavlinsky’s colleagues have still not decided what their budget will focus on in 2003. Priorities here may be education, military reform or demographic problems. In the end, the choice of priorities is not a financial task, it is only “a problem of the political will of the authorities,” explained deputy of the Duma Igor Artemyev who heads Yabloko’s group for the development of the budget, to Vremya Novostei. For example, when the authorities set last year the task of conducting army reform as soon as possible, according to Artemyev, an additional 1% of the revenue part of the budget for 2002 had to be spent on defence.