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Window of Opportunity.



Window of Opportunity.

The Grand Bargain for Democracy in the Soviet Union.


Yavlinsky's bargain road show

The European,

July 12-14, 1991

The idea of a deal between Mr Gorbachev and the West has been given its most precise shape in the guise of the "Grand Bargain" that Grigory Yavlinsky has been hawking around the West the past few weeks, writes Michael Maclay.

Mr Yavlinsky, a former deputy prime minister of Russia, has been working with American academics on a blueprint for the Soviet economy that would draw heavily on Western backing.

Gorbachev Gestures: Signal of Fresh Commitment to Change

International Herald Tribune, By Serge Schrnemann, May 23, 1991, New York Times Service

MOSCOW - After a bitter winter of estrangement from his comrades in changing Soviet society, President Mikhail S. Gorbachev has signaled a readiness to come in from the cold.

In a series of gestures since his meeting with Boris N. Yeltsin, the head of the Russian Republic, and leaders of eight other republics last month, the Soviet president has reached out anew to liberal advocates of change at home and Western leaders abroad.