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The Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation The State Duma The Yabloko Faction


September 20, 2000

The number of individuals who have managed over the past decade to create things rather than destroy them is extremely low in our country. Only a very few have built their wealth on the creation of something principally new and useful for society, something which the country may be proud of, rather than from mere theft.

Vladimir Gusinsky, Igor Malashenko and Evgeni Kiselyov created a modern information system of public importance, based on international standards, first and foremost the NTV and NTV Plus television companies that in many aspects are ahead of similar European structures. On the day of th fire at the Ostankino TV Tower, this became absolutely clear against the background of the uttter helplessness of the so-called state channels.

That is why all the mass media have to compete with the standards and style created by Vladimir Gusinsky and the NTV. All this was done in extremely

difficult circumstances, including flagrant pressure, both in 1994, 1999 and 2000.

The mass media of this holding have always been remarkably adept in terms of their “pluralism and freedom of opinions. Any political parties of significance have always been covered there

One can firmly state that nothing anti-state or nihilistic has ever been

heard in the broadcasts of NTV or “Ekho Moskvi” or has been presented in the newspapers or magazines of the Most Media holding.

The present authorities cannot co-exist with a mass media that shows things that the authorities would like to eliminate from their Kremlin life. High-ranking officials think that “whatever is not reflected in the press or on television does not exist in life”. In this aspect, as well as in other aspects, the present authorities do not differ from the absolute majority of Soviet leaders. This is what leads our authorities to a deadlock – the deadlock of illusions and lies. But the time of propagandist illusions is short, and sooner or later they will lead the country to an abyss. The independent mass media, and first and foremost NTV, all try to oppose this. And here we express our solidarity with them.

Head of the Yabloko faction

Grigory Yavlinsky

September 20, 2000