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All-Russia Democratic Assembly
Fourth Meeting

On cooperation between the democratic forces

October 21, 2002

The YABLOKO faction in the State Duma will not support the package of draft laws on reform of the electricity sector submitted by the Government to the State Duma.

We, the participants of the All-Russia Democratic Assembly, which unites both public non-political associations and political parties, declare herewith that the coordinated actions of all political forces ready to support the constitutional structure of Russia and human rights and freedoms, striving to create the requisite conditions to ensure a dignified life and free development of Russian citizens, will play a vital role in determining the future of our country at the forthcoming parliamentary and presidential elections in 2003-2004.

The All-Russia Democratic Assembly has detected a fall in the population’s belief in the principles of democracy and the democratic forces proclaiming these principles, as well as in the mass media, which are often transformed into the media resources of ddifferent political forces, especially during election campaigns.

The All-Russia Democratic Assembly calls on all the political parties participating in the work of the Assembly to adhere during the parliamentary elections to a policy of mutual respect and correctness, and to sign a corresponding agreement on this issue and achieve a consensus on the coordinated actions, at least in majority electoral districts.

To ensure further coordination of actions, the political forces that adhere to the principles of democracy and human rights must create a coordinated programme, which should include an assessment of the responsibility of the democratic forces for the country's development over the past decade, an assessment of the actions of the present Russian authorities and their view of these actions, and also their position on key issues of the development of society and the country: army reform, judicial reform, freedom of conscience and speech, reform of the housing and communal services sector and natural monopolies, social security issues, development of local government and reform in education and health care, a peaceful settlement of the war in Chechnya, environmental security problems, foreign policies, etc. Such a platform should absorb the positions and mandates of public organisations and other apolitical structures in civil society.

Disagreements on some of these issues should not impede the development of a joint position on the fundamental principles regarding the construction of a democratic state and protection of individual rights and freedoms.

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All-Russia Democratic Assembly. Fourth Meeting. October 21, 2002

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