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Declaration of the Yabloko Association on changing the state hymn of the Russian Federation

October 18, 2000

The Yabloko Association does not consider it necessary to urgently change the symbols of the Russian Federation.

Yabloko categorically opposes any restoration of the symbols of the Soviet state. The Yabloko faction in the State Duma will not support the draft law to revive the music by A. Alexandrov as the state hymn of the Russian Federation. This initiative may be placed in the same rank as such odious ideas as the restoration of the monument to Dzerzhinsky at Lubyanka square and post No 1 by Lenin’s Mausoleum. However, these ideas have been advocated by the revanchist forces and are supported at top state level.

We assess any attempts of this kind as a trial step to the restoration of the elements of a totalitarian system that are far from being simply symbolic, in view of the continuing attacks by the state bureaucracy on independent mass media, as well as a propaganda campaign justifying restrictions on human rights and freedoms.

Paying the tribute to respect for symbols and the outstanding achievements of the past era, we think that it would be unethical to restore the hymn of a state that no longer exists. We should not forget that the “Stalinist”

hymn is incontrovertibly connected to the bloody crimes against the Russian people.

We think that the hymn of Russia cannot be imposed on society from the top by a decision of the State Council or the State Duma. It should consolidate Russian society, rather than split it into opposing groups. Such a result may be achieved only after a comprehensive public discussion. Yabloko is

ready to begin such discussion and proposes the well-known march “Farewell of a Slavic Woman” as a version for the hymn of Russia.


Chairman of the Yabloko Association

Grigory Yavlinsky