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Declaration on the State Anthem

The Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation The State Duma The Yabloko faction

December 7, 2000

The whole of the Yabloko faction will vote against the law to approve the music of the USSR anthem as the anthem of Russia.

The deputies of the faction think that the issue of legislative approval

of state symbols is inopportune. It would only be timely, after resolving the most acute economic and political problems of the country. The extremely

low living standards of most Russian citizens, the energy crisis in Maritime

Territory and the ongoing war in Chechnya demonstrate that today we are far from this.

A return to the anthem of the USSR not only hinders the stabilisation that

is so necessary in the country, but also aggravates the split in society along political lines. The state symbols that provoke resistance from a considerable part of society cannot be adopted as state symbols. At the same time, millions of people will never be able to accept the anthem, whose music is inseparable from words glorifying the party of Lenin-Stalin.

Today radical ideological decisions of any kind are dangerous. Approval of the Soviet anthem can be placed at the same level as restoration of Dzerzhinsky’s (Ed. the first chief of the KGB) statue and other radical proposals from both the left and right wing.

We respect our country’s history and the great achievement of our nation. However, the Soviet anthem is the symbol of power of the communist party and the totalitarian state which ascribed the achievements of the people solely to their own merit.

We believe that it a serious political error to enter the new century with a state anthem that not simply marks a return to the past, but is also connected with only one page of our history – communism. By taking such a step, the

President of Russia takes the side of the political forces that are trying to reverse the course of history.

Once again we call on the President to curb examination of the Law on the National Anthem. It is better to acknowledge one’s mistake in time, rather than bear historical responsibility for its consequences.


Head of the Yabloko faction Grigory Yavlinsky

December 7, 2000