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The Constitutional Court makes removal of candidates from electoral lists more difficult for the parties

November 14, 2009

Galina Mikhalyova at kommentarii.ru

The [Constitutional Courts] decision will broaden the rights of members of our mostly authoritatively constructed parties only to a small extent However, while it is allowed to have locomotives (Ed. well-known persons topping party election lists and bringing a large number of votes for the party and resigning right after the election), this decision will not be able to cardinally change the situation. The key problem lies not only in our legislation but also in the law enforcement practices. The laws on parties and on elections are abundant with excess regulations complicating performance for the parties, especially for the opposition parties, however, the laws lack a clear framework that would make the parties to abide by democratic procedures (e.g., a ban on dismissal and appointing of the governing bodies).

The practices of construction of parties from the top and their functioning under the Kremlins supervision have nothing to do with democracy. We should begin restoration of competitive elections and parties as representation of the interests of different social layers and groups
first of all with abolishing of such a muppet theatre.

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November 14, 2009