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YABLOKO supports the decision of US President Barack Obama not to deploy ABM system in the Czech Republic

Press Release

September 18, 2009

The Russian United Democratic Party YABLOKO thinks that the statement made by US President Barack Obama on abolishing of the plans to deploy elements of the ABM system in the Eastern Europe opens new opportunities for the Russian-American strategic partnership.

This is a correct decision made by President Obama, it wipes away the issue which has been continuously producing unnecessary tensions and makes space for constructive cooperation between Russia and the USA in strengthening of the European security, that is how Sergei Mitrokhin, leader of the YABLOKO party, commented on the US decision to abolish plans on stationing US radar in the Czech Republic.

Sergei Mitrokhin also noted that signs that the approach of the new US administration as regards deployment of the ABM system in the Eastern Europe would be rational appeared during President Obamas visit to Moscow in July. Barack Obamas approach sharply contrasts with the position of the George Bush Administration. Barack Obama showed sincere interest in rapprochment of the positions of Russia and the USA, and the intention to understand where Russias interests lay and what the attitude of the Russian society to the problem was, Mitrokhin stressed.

It should be noted that Sergei Mitrokhin handed to US President a package of YABLOKOs proposals on the urgent issues of Russian-American relations, the ABM problem inclusive, during the meeting with Barack Obama in Moscow on July 7. Sergei Mitrokhin also drew the attention of the President Obama to the fact that unilateral deployment of the US ABM system in Europe would represent a step towards confrontation extremely harmful for Russias democracy which can not develop in a suffocative climate of anti-Western, anti-American moods and confrontation with the entire world.

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Press Release

September 18, 2009