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Grigory Yavlinsky thinks that national-socialism does not threaten Russia

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The leader of the Russian Democratic Party YABLOKO Grigory Yavlinsky thinks that Russia does not face any impending national socialist threat today. “National-socialism is a great exaggeration. I don’t think that this is actually happening. I was not convinced by the arguments used to back this view,” said Yavlinsky at a press conference on Tuesday, 9 December 2003.

Previously representatives from the Union of Right-Wing Forces (SPS) had talked about the danger of national-socialism in Russia.

At the same time Yavlinsky admitted that there was a danger of nationalism in Russia. “What is more, the danger of nationalism exists in many European countries and in many other countries of the world,” said YABLOKO’s leader.

Speaking about Russia’s problems, Yavlinsky stressed:“We face serious threats, however, they are of a different kind.” He highlighted among these threats the administrative-police method of transferring property ownership, censorship in the mass media, the dependence of different branches of power, etc.

Asked what action expected the authorities to take to improve the situation in Russia, Yavlinsky said , “I would like to see active actions from the President to overcome the present situation – the formation of an independent judiciary, an independent legislative authority, liberation of the mass media from censorship, a division of business and government, authorities which do not aim to destroy business.”

“In general I would like to see definite actions to implement the provisions of the Constitution of the RF,” noted YABLOKO’s leader and added “I have no less questions here, maybe more.”

Although he welcomed Russia’s success in foreign policy. Yavlinsky also noted that “foreign and domestic policies cannot be run separately for a long time.”

Based on Interfax reports.

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